Friday, July 31, 2015

Dream Catchers

I have always loved dream catchers ever since I was little. There's something about them that I found magical. Whether it was the supposed ability to ward off bad dreams or just how pretty they were, I always wanted one. One day, on Pinterest, I found this tutorial so that I could make my own.

It went a lot quicker than expected and I was done in no time! I found some beads in my stash that matched the color scheme I had going on and I bought a charm that seemed perfect!

All in all, I loved the tutorial that I used. It was so easy to follow and I loved the pictures that went along with the instructions. I will definitely be using it again to make more dream catchers in the future.

Total Craft Time: 2 hours
Total Money Spent: <$15 (most materials from stash)

Until next time,

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